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The Blitz Engine is a project that I started in early 1997, aged 16. It started as a software rendering 3D Engine. Over time however it developed into a hardware only 3D Engine to meet the demand of new innovative but complex (at the time!) procedures such as fogging and curved surfaces. The use of OpenGL allowed me to focus on the more important look and feel of the engine rather than its core functioning. I originally started the project as a learning experience, but over time both interest and my commitment grew rapidly. This project has remained untouched for many years now but still has a big place in my heart.

└ Features

For it's time the feature set was quite substantial:

  • Level Of Detail Bezier curved surfaces
  • Spherical Volumetric Fog
  • Depth Volume Fog
  • Map Exportation
  • Multitexturing support (ARB_Multitexture)
  • B-Spline motion system
  • Logging window system
  • Wrapped textures for smooth curves
  • Particle Smoke
  • Basic Weapons/Missile System
  • True Coloured Dynamic lighting
  • Highly optimised lighting system using portals
  • Optimised Soft Shadowing using occlusion buffering
  • Direct Draw and Direct Input Support
  • 32 Bit RGBA Textures and Rendering
  • Translucent alpha blended surfaces
  • Reflective surfaces (Alpha blended)
  • Animated textures - for sky effects etc...
  • Collision detection including with curves
  • Point based particle rendering
  • Triangular, rotated and shaded particle rendering
  • Portal rendering
  • Mouse and Keyboard Movement
  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Console System
  • Hierachial object rendering
  • Corona's and Lens Flares

└ Media

Advanced software rendering:

Hardware rendering with real-time lighting, shadows and fogging:

At the same time as developing the engine I developed a website to promote it. To this day I'm still surprised by how successful it was, with nearly half a million visitors by the time I moved on to new things. The website was Acid Reign, it started as a website to showcase my engine but developed into much more:

Acid Reign was eventually superceeded by another website, The Sauce. This had similar content to the previous site, with a broader focus, but a somewhat different look:

└ See for yourself!

You can download various versions of the engine here. Some include source code. I accept no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by these files and they are provided as is. Any source code is not for the faint-hearted, it's more an exercise in hacking than coding and the code now appalls me. This is about as far from my current coding style as you could get. But hey, it worked and it impressed:

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