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└ My roles

  • Assisted in making this title the first ever to run on prototype PSP hardware outside Japan
  • Entire PSP graphics engine
  • Optimised matrix, vector and maths libraries
  • Lighting/stencil shadowing system (inc. metaball)
  • Particle system
  • Camera system

This is my favourite game I've worked on to date. Such a simple concept that translates well to a game, albeit with few technical hurdles along the way. Something I hope to do more of..

└ About

  • Six fantastic game worlds with 72 levels of fantastic liquid mayhem
  • Over 30 interactive objects, enemies and level solving devices, including teleporter, spinners, bridges and flux transmitters
  • Combo, boss and lots of secret levels to unlock
  • Unlock able levels per world for hi-scorers and a bonus 7th world to discover
  • Training camp for beginners for to practice blob control and colour manipulation
  • Ultra realistic liquid mercury effects never before seen in a game
  • pAddictive pick up and play gameplay
  • WiFi mode for you and a friend to hook up and compete based on all the levels in the single player

Created by Archer MacLean, Mercury puts you in control of ultra realistic liquid mercury which you have to steer through 72 levels spread over six challenging worlds. Using your brain and balance, control the mercury around various obstacles and puzzling scenarios as well as keeping everything intact. Blob control is important; keeping your liquid mercury together and not spilling is the key to completing your goal as well as identifying the colours you need to move through certain areas. Once you've achieved your goal you'll face the end of level boss who won't be a walk in the park. Can you handle the challenge?

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