Experience > [Hg] Hydrium (2005, PSP)

└ My roles

  • Assisted in making this title the first ever to run on prototype PSP hardware outside Japan
  • Entire PSP graphics engine
  • Optimised matrix, vector and maths libraries
  • Lighting/stencil shadowing system (inc. metaball)
  • Particle system
  • Camera system

└ About

Maneuver colorful orbs of liquid mercury by tilting them through 3-D mazes and moving them in a particular direction around infinite obstacles. It seems simple, but you must take advantage of the orbs while they're still in a viscous state and try not to spill too much of the liquid. With 72 levels, you can also experience this game in two-player mode with PSP's Wi-Fi capability while fighting against time limits and traps that increase with each challenge.

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