Experience > Mercury Meltdown Remix (2006, PS2)

└ My roles

  • Entire PSP graphics engine (based on original "mercury" engine)
  • PSP post-process effects
  • Scene-graph (hierarchical culling, dynamic alpha sorting..)
  • Enhanced "Mercury" rendering (rolling skin surface..)
  • "Race" subgame and camera

└ About

  • 200 new levels.
  • Exclusive hidden labs to unlock.
  • New mercury states: hot, cold and solid.
  • New state of the art sphere physics

Guide your shimmering blob of liquid mercury through a crazy cartoon world of dangerous drops, tricky traps and perilous puzzles. The aim is simple: Escape each wacky lab, avoiding the pitfalls as you go and without spilling your precious mercury.

└ See for yourself!


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