Experience > Pool Paradise: International Edition (2005, PS2)

└ My roles

  • Cross-platform renderer debugging/optimisation
  • Cameras (splining, dynamic, action replay..)
  • Game features (trickshot mode, aiming aids..)

I have fond memories of this title, it being the first professional game I ever worked on. To this day I still think it's one of the best looking and best playing pool simulations there is.

└ About

  • Latest pool game from the highly successful Archer Maclean series
  • Features 2 new levels Inca Temple and Moon Base with low gravity physics
  • 30 unique computer characters, including a special guest appearance
  • 11 different rules types including 6,8,9,10 ball, 14:1 Rotation, Killer and more
  • 5 play modes Championship, Tournament, Trick-shot, Practice and additional sub-games
  • 10 different tournament ladders
  • 10 different table sizes and shapes both indoors and on the beach
  • 8 camera modes for optimum control and shot selection
  • Analog cueing using the controller or mouse
  • Fully animated island setting. Watch the waves roll in, palm trees wave and the sun set
  • Relax away from the table by playing Archer Maclean's classic arcade shooter Dropzone and other mini-games
  • Numerous other unlockable features

Pool Paradise International Edition takes the humble pub sport of pool to even greater heights with the latest in the series from Archer Maclean. This new edition features two never before seen levels the mystical 'Inca Temple' and 'Moon Base' where the table is surrounded by a force-field to keep the balls from flying off into space. Players take on 30 different personalities at the table in the challenging championship and tournament modes. Money can be won and lost in betting on your performance and be spent unlocking better equipment to aid you in your quest to become pool champion.

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