Experience > Pool Paradise (2004, NGC, PC, PS2)

└ My roles

  • Cross-platform renderer debugging/optimisation
  • PC-specific rendering features including stencil shadows, cube mapping and bump mapping using D3D 8
  • Cameras (splining, dynamic, action replay..)
  • Game features (trickshot mode, aiming aids..)

I have fond memories of this title, it being the first professional game I ever worked on. To this day I still think it's one of the best looking and best playing pool simulations there is.

└ About

  • 11 variations of pool
  • 5 modes of play
  • 10 different tournament ladders
  • 10 different table sizes and shapes, both indoors and out on the beach
  • Eight camera modes from close-in chase-cam, to static overhead.
  • Unique analogue control method offers total control over shots
  • Unlockable mini games
  • Beach shop offering additional pool gadgets and equipment
  • Loan Shark to lend you more cash--or bite your head off!

Archer Maclean's Pool Paradise --for which snooker favourite Jimmy White has provided exclusive consultancy-- is the pinnacle of pool games, offering limitless playing time across a host of pool disciplines. Arriving on the idyllic desert island, cue in hand but penniless, players must work their way up through the ranks in order to become the island's top dog. With cash earnt from winning games and placing side bets, players can unlock hidden areas and other extras. Players can take part in a wide selection of additional mini games and pub sports, purchasing better equipment with which to challenge the tougher opponents.

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